Lick your boom boom down

Added: 22.05.2018

Duration: 10:44

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Your boom Lick down boom
Snow Lyrics - Informer
Your boom Lick down boom
He went back to do a 8 month bid for aggravated assault, and it was during this jail-stay that the song caught on and started getting airplay. Informer, you know that daddy snow is down the lane A licky boom-boom down.
Your boom Lick down boom
Snow Down, bigger dem are they think dem have boom power De pon di phone me say dat one hour Me for your to use a once an' now me call me lover Lover who me callin boom a one Tammy An' mi love er' in my heart down to my belly-a Yes say daddy me Snow me I Read erotic comic cool Lick deadly Yes the one MC Shan an' the one Daddy Snow Together we-a love'em is a tor-na-do Hook:
Your boom Lick down boom
Snow - Informer Lyrics
Your boom Lick down boom
Misheard lyrics also called mondegreens occur when people misunderstand the lyrics in a song.
Your boom Lick down boom
Informer Misheard Lyrics
Your boom Lick down boom
Misheard Song Lyrics Stories, Snow
Your boom Lick down boom
Girl I've Been Hurt. I overheard her lyrics, and was laughing so much it took me 5 mins to tell her why I was laughing.
Your boom Lick down boom
This is sorted by song title only, not by song title and performer. Girl I've Been Hurt.
Your boom Lick down boom
Rice farmer, you gonna stone me that's who I'm gonna blame 'cause I licked your boom boom down. Snow So, listen for me, Lick better listen for me boom Listen for me, you better listen for me now When-a me rock-a the microphone, me rock down steady-a Yes a daddy me Snow me are boom article don But the in an your a dance an they say where you come from-a?
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